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Posting Guidelines - Please READ! (*updated* 10/13/07)

Here are a few short guidelines that should be followed by everyone who wants to post / contribute to this board:

Update: While all contributions are welcome, please try to stick to the board's topic:

The topic of this board is sharing information and clips of women with superpowers (esp. superhuman strength) from movies, tv shows, novels, comics or other sources. emoticon

Please, put all clips that don't really fit that description into the "Contributions (Other)" forum. I will be moving some clips from the Supergirls forum to this one within the next days ...

Don't post clips or pics from Paysites or other copyrighted material, unless you have the permission of owner! Posts not following this rule will be deleted or the links removed. (Paysites are e.g. New Goddess, Evilwomenmovies, Builtmore, Awefilms, etc.)

Uploading clips:

Clips can be contributed by uploading them to ]rapidshare or some other similar webhosting service and then posting the link in this forum.

Suggested filehosters:

[sign in to see URL] - You can upload your files once here and it will then be spread to up to six filesharing services (rapidshare, megaupload, and others). Using this service or mediafire should also avoid "Can you please repost on xyz because I can't download from abc" requests emoticon

[sign in to see URL] - Easy to use and has no nasty restrictions as far as I know.

Note: I recently had trouble downloading files from KeepMyFile, so I'd suggest using one of the above services instead; but I'll leave that up to the poster to decide ...

Please, try to give the other people an idea of what's inside the clip you uploaded by:

- giving your post an appropriate title (Cursed - f/m - kicking)
- providing screencaps of the scene if possible
- describing the clips with a few words

(Not all people have high bandwidth connections; also it can be frustrating to repeatedly download clips you already know emoticon)

Not everyone has a large collection of material that they can post here - so it's fine with me, when those people only download the stuff from here, HOWEVER, PLEASE, say "thanks " to the contributors once in a while and try to help out with reposting stuff you downloaded from here when requested (it's really easy!) or simply offer your comments about what you liked or didn't like about the clips posted by others - this will keep the board more active (and me motivated to keep it up emoticon).



P.S. Oh, and: Be nice! emoticon

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