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posticon NEW December 8, 2017 MIXED release: "ALIEN II"

NEW December 8, 2017
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In this Spinach-fueled sequel to our original "Alien" release, a hostile invader arrives on Earth to drain the strength from her human victims. When one woman tries to intervene, she is quickly beaten back and eventually knocked out. As her attacker rumages through the house, the woman awakens and chooses her last resort: Spinach.

This one has something for everyone, gang, including, strength moves, bearhug, throatlift, ground pound, and Alchemy again shows off her formidable physique with lots of flexing!

DETAILS: Kicks, head & stomach punches, elbows, knees • Ground Pound • Choking • Bearhug • Throatlift • Strength Moves • Flexing

Starring Stevie Fox and Alchemy.

]CLICK HERE for FREE 1-minute preview
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