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This area of the board will be exclusively for reviews.

Any member can write a review, the review can be of any film, television programme, amateur work, and even books.
The review must fit into the topic of the board "Supergirls & Fighting Babes"

I and my alter-ego will be writing reviews on the latest products from our friends and producers. As well as future movies and TV. This is another chance to show creativity and share your thoughts.

If you are interested in writing a review there are some guideline rules:

Accurate story details and key plot elements**

Highly Detailed account of strength related events provided with screen-shots if it is filmed material**

Summary after initial review giving your thoughts on what you liked and what you disliked**

This is not a typical review, the reviews will stay on this board and only be available by those who are interesting in the material.

In the unlikely event that we receive any messages from producers, studios who are aggrieved to the reviews or screen-shots used then the message would be discussed.


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Support the Artists!!!!

Help the genre to survive.
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