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Story Section & Fan Fiction

One of our newest members has written some fantastic Throat lift and strangle stories. I also know a few members who have written some very good stories in the past. And if anyone else would like to contribute a story then please feel free.

I sometimes will pay for custom content, I may use material here for that custom so please keep the stories coming. You can use any media you wish to create characters for your stories.

This is great way to share and express your likes about throat lift scenes, so please use specific detail and have fun.


Rachael's Story Part 5 by Mehrjessica

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Re: Story Section & Fan Fiction

Rachael's Story Part 5

By Mehrjessica

Rachael's son had been kidnapped and they wanted a ransom. Rachael had no intentions to pay up but she decided to kill the gang members. How dare they kidnap her son? She reached the designated spot where she was supposed to make the drop and waited for someone to come. Eventually, one of the gang members came and approached her.
"Did you bring the money? Where is it?"
"It is in this bag," said Rachael handing over a bag containing paper.
"O.K. Your son will reach home in 2 hours. Do not contact the police. Now go home."
As soon as he turned Rachael lashed out at him. Before he could take out his gun Rachael had grabbed him by the throat with one hand.

With her other hand she took out the gun and discarded it. She placed both her hands on his throat and lifted the man's 170 pound frame off the ground.
"You see how strong I am. Now tell me where you are holding my son otherwise I will kill you."
The man was too stunned to speak. He tried to pry her hands away from his throat but could not.

Rachael chuckled at his attempt and tightened her grip. "I'll tell you everything. Please let go." Rachael loosened her grip and put the man down. She kept on a one handed grip on his throat and hissed, "O.K. now speak."
"Your son is being held half a mile from here in a rundown building. Our boss is there with 3 guards."
"Any more information."
"Just that a whore is supposed to come and entertain us."
Rachael knew this was her chance. She looked at the man and said, “thank you. You have been very helpful. Now you die."
The man was terrified. His eyes became huge saucers. Rachael tightened her one handed grip on the man's throat and just stood there. The man realized there was no escape and tried to fight back. Rachael was amused. She placed her other hand on the man's throat and again lifted him up a good 2 feet in the air. He was being virtually hanged only that the noose was this woman's bare hands. Even as he was dying, the man could not help but wonder how beautiful this woman really was. Eventually he passed away and Rachael threw the lifeless body to the ground.

Now she had to pose as a hooker. Luckily underneath her coat she was wearing a top which revealed her massive cleavage and toned abs and navel. She discarded her coat and entered the building. As soon as she did so she was accosted by 2 guards. She told them she was the stripper. This pleased the guards.
"Just go down this corridor. Third door to your left. The boss is in there," said one of them.
"Thanks. Just one more thing, now both of you die."

As soon as she said it both her hands flashed out and gripped the men's throats. One in each hand. She pushed them up against a wall and with a single handed grip on each of the men's throat started strangling them to death. She did not even try and explain why she was doing this. The men eventually died a very slow death.
Because of the exertion, Rachael was sweating profusely. She made her way to the room where the boss was and knocked. The boss let her in and was amazed she was sweating so much. The room was bare except for a wooden bed.

Rachael quickly took her top off and placed it on the floor. She asked the boss not to take his clothes off. "I am going to do something different today. Go lie down on the bed and I will be there in an instant."
This intrigued the boss. He lay down on the bed and motioned to Rachael to come to him. Rachael lowered her naked body on that of the boss and started kissing him.

"What is the different thing that you will be doing?" asked the man.
"Just this."
Saying this Rachael placed both of her hands on the man's throat and started strangling him.
"The boy you kidnapped is my son. If you want to live tell me where he is."
The boss panicked. He was having trouble breathing.
"He is in the next room. Please leave me."
"Thank you and sorry. Thanks for telling me where my son is and sorry that I cannot let you live. How dare you kidnap my son? You will have to pay for this."
Rachael adjusted her grip on the man's throat and placed her thumbs on his Adam's apple and began strangling him to death. She applied her death grip for a full 3 minutes. Her strong fingers tightly woven around the man's bull neck. She felt his body lurching forward and everything became still. She kept on the strangle hold for 2 more minutes and let go. He was dead.

She quickly put on her top and skirt and went into the next room. It was unlocked. She opened it and saw her son lying on the floor. There was a guard in the room. Rachael motioned to his son to keep quiet when he saw him and quietly crept up to him.
"Hey," she said in the most amazingly sweet voice.

The guard whirled around and came face to face with her. He could not take his eyes off her with her stunning face and perfectly toned abs and cleavage. Rachael did not even have to anything extraordinary. She just took away the guard's gun away from him and threw it away. She caught him by the throat in a one handed grip and hoisted him off the ground her top coming nearly up to her breasts.

Her son, Aaron, could not believe what he was seeing. Here was his mother lifting a fully grown man by the throat with just one hand. His mouth fell open.
Meanwhile, the guard was fighting for his life. His feet dangling 2 feet high in the air. Rachael kept on the grip for a minute before throwing the lifeless body to the ground.

She turned to her son and ran to him hugging him. "Don't tell anyone what you saw just now. It is going to be a secret between you and Mommy O.K. Come let's go home."
"O.K.' said her son.
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Re: Story Section & Fan Fiction

The striptease was over. John stared at naked blond woman with his mouth wide open. He was definitely aroused.
"What a perfect figure you have and that face is gorgeous," babbled John. "You should be in movies. Not entertaining people with your lap dances and stripping."
"That is life, my friend," said Rachael in a very sensual voice.
She sat on John's lap and whispered in his ears
"Now Johnny boy, close your eyes and I will make sure you feel you’re in heaven."
She could feel John having an erection and smiled at him. John closed his eyes waiting with anticipation.
"What will she do now," he wondered to himself smiling.
Rachael looked down at her well manicured hands with long red nails and smiled.
John's first thoughts were that she was about to stroke his neck when he felt her hands on his throat. But in an instant, her fingers closed on his neck with her thumbs placed firmly on his Adam's apple. She gave a little squeeze; not a very hard one but it made John open his eyes in amazement.
"You like that baby," said Rachael tightening her 2 handed grip on his throat and with a smile on her face.
By now John was feeling a little uncomfortable but went along with it. He had no idea what was about to happen next.
Rachael continued to tighten her grip on his throat until it was a vice like grip. She continued to smile down at him as if there was nothing wrong. By now, John was having difficulty breathing. She caught both of Rachael's wrists with his hands and tried to jerk her hands away from his neck. Nothing happened. Rachael's grip was just too strong. By now, John's face had begun to turn red. His eyes became round like saucers. He could not believe that a naked woman was strangling him with her bare hands and he could not do anything about it. He began to struggle with all his strength but to no avail. Rachael continued to strangle him. A sick sadistic smile still on her face.
"If you don't struggle, this will be over soon," she said and tightened her grip even more.
Suddenly there was a knock on the door of the apartment. This was an unexpected development. Rachael rolled her eyes just as John gave out a strangled scream.
Rachael realized that whoever was at the door, would have certainly heard the scream. Keeping her right hand on John's neck, she used her left hand to cover his mouth. She adjusted her grip on his neck so that she would now have a strong one handed grip on his throat. Her left hand still covering his mouth to prevent him from screaming any further. She was very careful not to cover his nostrils.
"Who is it?" she shouted to the unseen visitor at the door.
"Package delivery for Mr John Loker." It was a male voice.
"Just give me a few minutes, kind of busy right now."
"No problem ma'am. Take your time," the delivery guy answered.
She realized that she would have to kill the delivery guy too. Can't keep a witness.
She looked down at John and smiled.
By now her right hand was tightened around John's throat like a clamp. He breathed his last in a few seconds.
Rachael let go of his neck and stood up. Without bothering to put her clothes on she opened the door.
The delivery guy looked very young. Was very skinny and not that tall. Rachael began to feel pity for him.
"Please come in," she said and stood aside to let him enter the apartment.
The guy was flabbergasted by the sight before him. A beautiful naked woman stood before him. He did as he was asked.
As soon as he entered, he looked over at John's dead body on the couch and whirled around to face Rachael.
"I heard a scream a while back from inside. I hope everything is alright," he said.
"Too bad you heard that. Now I have to kill you too."
Before the guy could react, Rachael's right hand flashed upwards and caught the man by the throat. She backed him up against a wall and tightened her grip.
"Let's try something. Let me see whether I can lift you with one hand. A kind of one handed throat lift, if you will," said Rachael in her usual sensual voice.
The man, by now was pleading for his life. Rachael brushed his pleadings aside and heaved him upwards with her right hand still attached to his throat.
To the man's amazement, he could feel his feet get off the ground. Suddenly he found himself 2 feet above the floor.
He could not believe what was happening. A naked woman was holding him by his neck off the floor, that too with one hand.
He began to kick her with both his legs dangling off the apartment floor. A few kicks crashed into her stomach, just above her beautiful round and deep navel. Even though it hurt, Rachael did not show it on her face. She kept on smiling up at him and lifted him even higher.
"Looks as though I am stronger than I thought I was," Rachael laughed, "let me see whether I can break your neck."
With a sudden twist of her wrist, she snapped the man's neck. He was dead.
She threw the corpse to the floor and rubbed her stomach. It was still hurting.
As she was dressing, she looked at the 2 dead bodies and smiled at her.
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Re: Story Section & Fan Fiction

           Jessica Part 01

Jessica really enjoyed her double life. One, which the whole world knew about. A highly successful supermodel with her muscular, taut body and gorgeous looks, she had graced every conceivable magazine known to man. The other about which only she knew. That of a ruthless killer who loved killing people with her bare hands with a smile on her face. She needed no reason whatsoever to grab someone by the throat and strangle him to death. It was a pastime for her which she enjoyed immensely.
The darker side of her personality began 5 years ago. She was used to the abuse received from her alcoholic, worthless husband. She had just started out as a newcomer in the modelling industry and needed as much support she could get from all quarters. She knew she could stand up to him in a fight, as she was physically much stronger than him, being an athlete during her school and college days and then going onto participate in various fitness competitions all over the world before being forced to marry Kenny, but she did not as she had no means to support herself and her 6 year old son. So she endured the abuse as much as she can without any retaliation and tears in her eyes.
On a fateful Sunday, she was in her room, posing in front of the mirror in her bikini for the upcoming competition when she heard noise coming from the kitchen. She hurried downstairs and what she saw made her blood boil. Kenny was standing over John, drunk out of his mind, with his belt in his right hand beating his son without any mercy. Jessica quickly ran up to him and grabbed the belt and yanked it away from the drunkard.
“What the hell are you doing, beating a child like that?” she snarled, livid.
“Tell the punk to respect me or someday I will beat him to death,” Kenny slurred his speech.
Enraged, Jessica wanted to kill him then and there but she restrained herself. She bent down and picked up her semi-conscious son in her arms and carried him to his room. She gently lowered him into the bed and kissed his forehead.
“What did you do, bud?” she asked.
“Nothing mama, I was just playing in the front yard when daddy came to me and told me to come inside. When I got in, he looked angry and slapped me and I fell down and then he started beating me,” John trailed off and started to cry.
“I promise you, bud; daddy will never hurt you again.”
“Promise mama.”
Well that was that. Jessica decided it was time to do something about the situation. She left her son’s room and stormed to the living room where he found her husband on the sofa staring blankly at the TV.
She stood in front of him blocking his sight, her hands on her hips, with looks that could kill.
“Hey get out of the way, you !@#$. I am watching TV here, and while you are at it, put some decent clothes on yourself.”
Even before he had finished speaking, he saw her hands coming towards him and in the next instant her hands had clamped firmly on his throat. With inhuman strength, Jessica hauled Kenny off the sofa by the throat, his feet dangling in the air, a good 8 inches.
“Hey what you doing, !@#$, leave me.”
“How dare you worthless piece of !@#$, how dare you beat my son so badly,” she snarled shaking him like a rag doll. Her grip on his throat tightening with every passing second, his body still in the air.
“From now on, you will not touch me or my son, you hear me, Kenny,” her grip on his throat was now like a vice.
She shook him vigorously as she realized that she could kill him with her bare hands if she wanted to.
Strange, strangled sounds started emanating from Kenny’s throat, as his face started turning red.
“I can’t hear you Kenny, I said did you understand?”
“Can’t breathe, leave me,” said Kenny with much difficulty.
“How does it feel, you bastard, when you are the one on the receiving end.”
Jessica slammed Kenny’s body against the wall, both her hands still wrapped around his scrawny neck. His body still dangling in the air. She was about to let go of his throat when she realized that Kenny was already dead.
“Good riddance,” Jessica thought to herself as she threw the dead body on the floor.

That was the day; she realized she was the dominant one. It made her smile for the first time in years. She did not have to live in fear anymore and the thing which she realized one more thing, killing was something she enjoyed immensely. Maybe this was her calling.

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Re: Story Section & Fan Fiction

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Jessica Part 02

Jessica sat on the park bench after her hour long jog for a rest, her white sports bra and blue shorts drenched with sweat. It was 6 o’clock in the morning and there was no one in sight at this early hour except for a few morning joggers like herself. She had to reach home soon and wake her son up and get him ready for school.
She was about to stand up and start for home when 2 thugs came out of nowhere and stood before her.
“You guys mind standing over to the side, I need to go home,” she said standing up.
“We’ll let you go alright, but first hand over everything you have got on you?” said the man with the craggy beard a knife in his right hand.
“I have nothing with me right now, you punks, now step aside or you’ll both be sorry.”
The other man, clean shaven looked at her and turned to his partner and whispered, “Mike, I think we should let her go. Have you seen her arms? They are bigger than mine.”
“Shut up, will you, Jason. She’s only a woman and we are two. We will rob her and then let her go. What is she going to do?”
“Are you guys moving?” Jessica had her hands on her hips, a frown on her face.
“First give us whatever money you have on you and step on it sis. We ain’t got all day.”
“Are you guys thick between the ears? I told you I have nothing on me right now.”
Mike stepped forward and grabbed her by the arm with his left hand, bringing his right hand, still clutching the knife close to her neck.
“Give us what we want or you’ll be sorry,” snarled Mike.
Before Mike could fathom what happened, Jessica punched him hard in the stomach with all her strength, driving out all the air in his body. Mike doubled over with pain and collapsed on the ground, the knife not in his clutches anymore.
“Get her Jason,” he screamed but it was only a whisper.
Jessica kicked Mike in the face and he screamed out in pain before losing consciousness.
She turned towards the now shaking Jason and smiled.
“Looks like your buddy fainted over there,” she took a step towards Jason, who seemed transfixed on the spot where he stood, overcome with fright.
“Look what I can do,” said Jessica in a soft voice as she stood in front of Jason, her right hand flashing forward, grabbing the terrified man by the throat. She hauled Jason’s frame off the ground without much effort, still smiling up at him.
“You see, I can break your neck in an instant with just a twist of my wrist but that would be too easy on you, don’t you think?”
She began to tighten her one handed grip on his neck, his feet dangling a foot off the ground.
By now, Jason was frantic, the pressure on his neck immense. He could not understand how this woman could lift him so easily off the ground, that too by his neck. Yes, she looked strong but still this was ridiculous, he thought.
He grabbed Jessica’s wrist with both his hands and tried to frantically pry it away from his neck, but try as he might, couldn’t budge them.
“I am strong, aren’t I,” Jessica smiled up at him and tightened her grip even more.
“Leave me, I can’t breathe,” croaked Jason, his face starting to turn red.
“Of course you can’t and in a few seconds you will stop breathing altogether.”
He summoned all the strength he had in his body and kicked her in the abs but the attempt was futile. She kept smiling.
“You fool, you can’t hurt me. These are rock hard abs here, she punched her abs a few times with her left hand to demonstrate to Jason just how rock hard they really were.
By now Mike had regained consciousness but was still groggy from the hard kick to his face. He cried out in pain.
“Look your buddy is awake. Now I will kill you and then I will kill him.”
“Please ma’am, don’t kill me. I didn’t want to rob you in the first place, it was all his idea,” croaked Jason.
“Sorry honey, I can’t help you here. You messed with the wrong girl and now you pay for it.”
“Hey what are you doing?” Mike was sitting now, a flabbergasted look on his face.
“Can’t you see I am in the process of killing your friend here? Don’t worry, you are up next.”
Jessica turned around towards Mike, still clutching Jason’s throat, his body still in the air and walked up to him.
“Put him down, you freak. What are you anyway?” screamed Mike.
“Oh I am nothing. Just the most powerful woman you will ever meet.”
She extended her left hand and this time caught Mike by the throat and started strangling him.
By now, Jason was already dead. Jessica dropped the body on the ground and looked at Mike.
“There, your buddy is dead. Now I can concentrate fully on you.”
She adjusted her grip on Mike’s throat and now used both her hands to grab his neck in a death grip. With as much force and strength she could muster, Jessica forced mike on his knees and then pushed him to the ground and sat heavily on his chest.
“Now hon, it’s time to meet your maker.”
She wrapped her fingers around Mike’s neck, placing her thumbs on his apple and began to squeeze.
“See this is a strangle hold I am using on you. This is the weapon of choice for me when I want to kill punks like you,” she smiled down at him. “How many people have I killed so far? Well too many to count really.”
Jessica could feel that she was about to have an orgasm. Strangling people always made her horny.
By now, Mike realized that there was no hope of escape for him, so he did the next best thing that he could think of.
He grabbed Jessica’s bra and tore it off and grabbed her breasts and started to squeeze.
“Now why did you do that for? Now how will I go home?” Jessica smiled evident that she enjoyed Mike’s performance.
“Yes baby, squeeze my breasts as I squeeze your neck.”
She orgasmed and she could feel her grip on Mike’s throat tighten. His eyes flew open, his hands dropped by his side and strangled noises started emanating from his throat.
“Yes, die for me.” Jessica’s eyes were closed.
She opened her eyes after a minute and looked down upon the dead face of Mike, his eyes open, but he was definitely dead.
Jessica removed her deadly hands from Mike’s throat and stood up picking her bra which was torn and was unusable. She looked around and saw no one.
Good, no witnesses. She looked down at the dead men and smiled again.
Turning around, the topless killer started for home.

Thanks to cnnjack for the image.

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Re: Story Section & Fan Fiction

Once upon a time there was a girl. Anna called her. Lived in a small apartment in New York's Bronx district. Anna was walking home one evening from work when he felt that followed. Looking back several times during the trip, but never seen anyone one time. Meanwhile he got home went to his apartment. He took off his coat and shoes and went into the kitchen to make himself something to eat. Nice supper and then came down on the bed watching TV. Anna TV watching something he heard a noise from the bathroom. He got out of bed and headed towards the bathroom to see what could be the noise you hear. Slowly she opened the door and looked in the bathroom and turned on the lights. He did not see anyone. Thus reassured. She walked over to the mirror and began to fésülködni. Then put down the comb, but it fell to the ground. He bent down to him to pick up, and when he picked up in the mirror he saw a shadowy figure behind it. Anna turned to the dark figure grabbed Anna's neck and pushed her against the wall in a deep voice asked:
- Where's the key?
- What key? Ann asked about re-frightened voice.
The dark figure on the wall began to slide up Anna. Anna is just the tip of her toes on the floor.
- Once again, last time I ask, where is the key?
- I do not know what kind of key talks.
At Vera's sister Anna arrived home, he was a police officer. He took off his coat, but one of the mirror, he noticed that Anna is in danger, and threw himself behind the dark shape. Anna got out of the hands of shadowy figure. Vera cried Anna, to go get help. Anna ran away too. Meanwhile, the dark figure threw herself Vera. Vera got up and began to fight the dark shape. Vera tried to punch and kick, but the devil is always cur, then cut the stomach Vera, who flew against the wall and then fell to the ground. The dark figure walked up to her neck and stepped Vera, who choked and almost died when she returned and Heni Renáta company. The dark figure jumped out the window and quickly absorbed. Vera was taken to the hospital with serious injuries but survived. Heni and Renáta determined to protect Anna and catch the attacker. Heni and Renáta took Anna to the hideout. The evil went in search of Anna. Eventually he found a hiding place. The evil broke into the hiding place and found Anna. But did he know that girls during the trap was set. The girls, however I have no idea that the devil had expected it too easy to find the hiding place. Therefore, the trap can not be managed so that the three girls stood face to face with evil. Who said:
- I came to get the key that allows I will be immortal.
- You know, what will you be? Not immortal, but dead within seconds. - Replied the girls.
- Anna hide quickly, then we'll take care of this mess!
- But I want to fight!
- No! Hide! Go fast!
Anna did so, and hid. Then the fight began. Heni Renáta and started toward the evil. Hit kicked, but the evil things they impose. The vicious hit Henin, who flew across the room and passed out. Then there was the evil Renáta alone. Renáta tried to hit one, but the evil he caught her arm and squeezed. Renáta fell to his knees. The evil Renáta grabbed her neck and slowly lifted into the air. Renáta fields have legs were hanging in the air. Renáta barely breathe when she appeared and said.
- I go with you just let your life.
The evil hurled towards Renáta Heni. Each of the two girls lying fainted. The evil took Anna along. Renáta Heni and perked up several hours later.
- Renáta okay?
- I live easy! What was that? They treated us as if it would be a rag doll.
- Have you seen what he did to me?
- What did you do?
- Grabbed my neck and lifted into the air and did not know what to do, I could not move, just hanging out in the air like a piece of cloth.
- What do we do? Anna can not be left alone!
- You are right! We need to save!
- But how? Do not stand a chance against him!
- I know, but certainly you need to save Anna, Vera has since promised to protect the only sister.
- We do not know where you able to bring Anna.
- Are you in?
- What do you mean?
- Anna is a beacon in her hair! I hope it still works!
The two girls find a place. But sadly, they found that a lot of guards to protect the place.
- Now what?
- Compared to the old trick!
- Which one?
- The Amazon! We go in, and brought out to them and everyone in Anna.
- You can cut it!
Beöltöztek amazon combat clothing.
- Hey Heni! Take off your shoes!
- Why?
- Because we are so much quieter!
- Okay!
Then they went and arranged all the guards found Anna, who was tied down on a table and was dressed in some ceremonies.
- Heni you hear? I had it too easy?
- But it was too easy!
- HA HA HA HA HA now he is well looked much you walked into the csapdámba!
Renáta Heni and the evil came without hesitation!
- Anna run! Hide it somewhere!
Anna did. The girls fought hard, but there was no chance to beat evil kicked back and forth tossing them. The girls have been fully exhausted. Side by side lay on the two girls could no longer stand up. Then walked over to them the evil took their necks and lifted them into the air. Both fields have her legs hanging in the air.
- Well, now you die!
Have both the girl's death was when she cut the back of the evil of the evil one piece of iron dropped Renáta and Henin, who fainted were lying on the ground. The evil face turned and struck Anna, who fell on the table. Anna picked up a stick from the ground up and wanted to hit the head of evil, but evil caught in the iron tube in the stomach and threw Anna, who was in the belly. Anne rose and looked all fours, but this time he stood in front of the evil. The evil took Anna's neck and slowly lifted into the air. Anna fields have legs hanging helplessly in the air. Anna could hardly breathe when he noticed that the breast is an evil green pebbles. Anna knocked out next to the evil of this gravel, the result of evil and Anna dropped frozen into stone. Anna and so escaped the world of evil. This is the end to run away with it.
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